Augmented Reality SDK

New Augmented Reality Framework for Mobiles

I present a newly developed and fully independent solution for image recognition and tracking. In contrast to existing solutions, images need not be transferred over the network. This leaves the developer full control over the data and ensures functionality of applications independent of network status. In addition, I have developed a custom solution for fast frame-to-frame tracking, making the framework a fully self-contained solution for Mobile Augmented Reality.

Main Features

  1. Efficiency and Flexibility
    • Instant image recognition and frame-to-frame tracking in real-time
    • Learning of new images at runtime for interaction with unknown environments
    • Built-in pose estimation for building (Mobile) Augmented Reality Applications
    • Differentiate between visually similar images
    • Support for detection, decoding and tracking of QR-codes in real-time.
  2. Scalability
    • Recognize thousands of images directly on your device
    • Built-in compression for efficient deployment of applications.
  3. Privacy and Independence
    • Images do not need to be transferred over the network.
    • Pure client-side processing delivers results instantly and independent of network status.
  4. Cross-Plattform
    • Train it once and use it on multiple platforms
    • Support for smartphones, tablets and smartglasses
    • Unity Plugins and Libraries for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS

Contact: andreas.hartl(at)